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pg 61 & pg 63 - was.fl figs‘igfinqfl‘km...

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Unformatted text preview: was; .fl figs‘igfinqfl‘km W :_S.a§\.§..ce&: W («011.6163 _. Shae .hakxmg $36. ofW 51mm km a. bekhgo _' simicheck 0063.} no". _ (:3 (fine _. ‘fi m {o @Tm fesfokl-W ' ..wmq$_ kaJr in browsing , kn pm 00 @ our . $06165 were. cash $u{passinq,_ - (Amok mm more b cause 4M3 Magma/b was. beknw waged mm sigma? wad Diasokr ck W. whole kam , 233’“ no deed Drawer \ij hfiike Q3. (NOB. 4:0 He. hidden; oikLW _b3\k3__ k W higher places ’Rom DOW m .woks Qmeokr. view. kWrOW_ . wok. wow being ..heké... _bkjW .1 m W/W k/arfick arms mum been - _ WWW? khrowndown : as wg - 1d 1 wherevermra 3W5 hook Wasted shook (Around JAnekres knok'Nidkm Ships , “Wu So.\ohars...were +r95m<5 +0 boafd mm “H412 mshios GFW' emma w/ km greafiesk ‘FOYCQ ...
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