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Unformatted text preview: LARCH 060 Tuesday, April 6th, 1999 Announcements: Today we had a guest speaker on Penn State history Lecture notes: PENN STATE: THE HISTORY AND EVOLUTION~ • • • • • • • Old Main- once completed it housed everything....it was the only building. It housed the students, faculty, classrooms, library, museum, dining halls, etc... Old Main was patterned after the Nassau Hall in Princeton In 1882, George Atherton became the president of Penn State and remained the president until 1906 Engineering turned to be the fate of the college around--75% of all students were majoring in engineering Botany building was built and completed with the size of Old Main There were 3 different building periods: (1) Old Main (2) Romanesque -we are now concerned about how to lay these buildings out (3) Modernized Penn State got a lot of buildings in the mid 1930's due to the depression and public works projects ...
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