3.23 LARCH 060 - feeling of country, begun in the 1870's,...

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LARCH 060 Tuesday, March 23rd, 1999 Announcements: Exam #2 on Thursday March 25th during classtime. A-O names in 121 Sparks, P-Z in 112 Buckhout. Slide review tonight at 101 Thomas from 7-8pm Lecture notes FREDRICK LAW OLMSTEAD 2 : Land/environment: Environment/expansionism Exploitation/preservation Socio-cultural milieu: Invention/ industrial revolution Civil war Rapid change/ transportation Social issues - immigration Design Expression: ELS plus Human rights, health, welfare Expanded to campuses, city planning (not just parks). Also helped welfare of soldiers (food, treatment, etc. ..) during Civil War Eventually fo ill/tired, got invited to a gold mine in California (Mariposa) to help miners Saw uniqueness in Yosemite Valley, wrote reports on it becoming accessible (along with other architects) Then he went to the EAST coast Emerald Necklace : (Boston)- series of linked spaces (parks), create a
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Unformatted text preview: feeling of country, begun in the 1870's, took about 25 years, had flood/drainage problem (from the bay). Solution was to have upper and lower pools that drained into the ocean----result: became cleaner, and more pleasant Franklin park : final piece of Emerald Necklace. ..used solids and voids, spontaneous recreation, set aside entry and adjacent lands called "antepark" but this space is now occupied by constructions. Biltmore (NC): Large scale estate (land of the Vanderbilt's), 125,000 acres, Richard hunt designed the chateaux, Olmstead designed landscape. Loggers stripped all trees away, so Olmstead suggested a vision of a forestry program (rebuild it ). There was a geometric build around the estate , the rest of the land was dedicated to forestry and farming Fredrick Law Olmstead died in 1903...
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3.23 LARCH 060 - feeling of country, begun in the 1870's,...

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