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TATE’S GOVE 210 MIDTERM STUDY GUIDE –BY STROUP NUMBER 1- Calhoun- - classical to the core - small republics (ie states) that are aware of common good; a smaller delegation makes it easier to spot and support common good; -thinks popular will should determine policy because they are who make the government; -directly affected = directly influential; -argues for states ability to judge laws in South Carolina ordinance of nullification -** not duty of national government to put states under their obedience Calhoun is pro-expansion/slavery and if the south doesn’t get its way, his solution is to just split from the union if it doesn’t get it’s way. Let the people decide! (popular will) They will chose the common good . Popular will should be left to the states ( which are small republic with a lot of people involvement) so the national government should not intervene. Lincoln- Wants to preserve protect and defend the Constitution/Union and is given the authority to do so in it as President. These morals are not what we were founded on. His value emphasizes democracy, which calls for a united nation. This is the only form of democracy in the world right now. If all the states split, this will be the end of democracy as we know it and our nation would be entirely different today. - Values= preservation of the union, democracy, equality ( slaves) , emphasis on nation, not individual states NUMBER 2 Hamilton- Hamilton would have said that the election was not for everyone, but for well educated trustees. Popular will is often trustees . Large republic is better equipped to protect liberty, implied powers are considered delegated equally with express powers; argues for judicial review in Fed 78. Even though it is not explicit power , it is implied bc they are independent from, sword and purse. Less likely to injure liberty. PARTICIPATION SHOULD BE VIA REPRESENTATION Hamilton- select a President who would be removed from public opinion. Votes go : the people>Legislature>Electoral College>Votes for President. Reflects problems they had under Articles of Confederation. In need of someone to check the legislature instead of expand power at the expense of liberty. Jefferson- Everybody should own property and people who own property should vote.
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