3.16 LARCH 060

3.16 LARCH 060 - LARCH 060 Tuesday March 16th 1999...

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LARCH 060 Tuesday, March 16th, 1999 Announcements: There was no class on Thursday March 4th. Exam review on March 23rd from 7-8pm in 101 Thomas. Lecture notes: PARKS MOVEMENT-EUROPE (19C.): Land/environment: Theraputic Landscapes Socio-cultural milieu: Industrial Revolution: Iron making, bridges and ships were made which boomed the economy. Agriculture workers went to the city. Deplorable urban conditions: Poor life was miserable, no proper sewer/garbage systems. Reform came about which limited work hours and provided pleasant escape environments (PARKS) Public Access to parks: Public use of parks was a sign of good faith. Royal parks not accessible (in west) so new parks were created on Eastside. The first was Victoria park. Design Expression: English Landscape School elements: serpentine forms (circulation, water), lawns, tree clusters Example) Branitzer park formed by Prince Pueckler von Muskau, the "Garden Prince". Had parts in Germany and Poland. Muskau was a traveler who had much land, wrote book "Hints on
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3.16 LARCH 060 - LARCH 060 Tuesday March 16th 1999...

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