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Bio - Chapter 34 - Chapter 34 Root Apical Meristems o Give...

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Chapter 34 Root Apical Meristems o Give rise to the root cap an the root primary meristems o Produces all cells that contribute to the growth in the length of a root o Some daughter cells from the apical tip/end contribute to a root cap Root cap – protects the delicate growing region of the root as it pushes through the soil Cells are constantly replaced Detects the pull of gravity and thus controls the downward growth of roots The middle of the root apical meristem is a quiescent center – cell divisions are rare o Becomes active when needed – injury Daughter cells produced away from root cap elongate and lengthen the root Zone of division – apical and primary meristems – the source of all the cells of the root’s primary tissues Zone of elongation – above the zone of division – where newly formed cells are elongating and thus pushing the root farther into the soil Zone of maturation – Above zone of elongation – where the cells are differentiating, taking on specialized forms and functions such as water transport or mineral uptake o In this zone = root hairs – increase surface area of root The products of the root’s primary meristems become root tissues o Protoderm – gives rise to the outer layer of cells – the epidermis – which is adapted for protection of the root and absorption of mineral ions and water o Ground Meristem – internal to the epidermis – gives rise to a region of ground tissue that is many cells thick called the
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Bio - Chapter 34 - Chapter 34 Root Apical Meristems o Give...

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