2.25 LARCH 060 - Brown was not universely loved. ..some...

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LARCH 060 Thursday February 25th, 1999 Announcements: none Lecture notes: ENGLISH LANDSCAPE SCHOOL (later): Land/environment: Agricultural Landscape The ideal VS the real Nature's aesthetic (picture), health Socio-cultural milieu: The beautiful VS the picturesque Industrialization Design Expression: The beautiful: (Brown vocabulary)--cleaned up and manicured The picturesque: variety, sudden, rugged looking, designs had broken lines/surfaces, rough textures, natural occurrences Humphrey Brown : Had a talent for painting and illustrating landscapes. ...went into landscaping. He also wrote books on creating space, arranging and lighting. He used slides of before/after designs as a salesman Sherringham: An estate along the west coast created by Repton. He used his salesmanship to convice owner to have his house on the leeward side of the hill Brown sometimes built on things that were already there
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Unformatted text preview: Brown was not universely loved. ..some felt that his sweeping away of geometric areas was wrong AND/OR boring Between Brown and Repton, they landscaped all of England The Industrial Revolution started in England in 17-19 centuries . ...cities and landscapes were marred (much chaos) so the refuge that was created was nature, as opposed to the human refuge. City of Bath: intended to be green landscape. .. offers unique landscape opprutunities. The city is contained, so you are aware of the countryside. It was built on Roman/Medieval foundation almost all wiped out. Replaced with light stone buildings. Incorporated green space into city (old trees, circle inside city, crescent idea intended for embracing green area). Much turf and grass, tree clusters, overlooking parks...
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2.25 LARCH 060 - Brown was not universely loved. ..some...

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