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Lab Notes - Exp 31 - ° C apart The highest temperature...

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CHEM 182 General Chemistry II Lab Notes Exp. 31 – Thermodynamics of Borax Dissolution Part A (1 st lab period) Three Trials Start procedure at Step 3. Step 3 - Weigh sodium carbonate. Trial 1 – Use about 0.15g Trial 2 – Use about 0.20g Trial 3 – Use about 0.25g Step 5 – Heat flask on hot plate. Part B (2 nd lab period) Step 1 – Use 5.00 ml volumetric pipet. Dry test tubes. Step 3 – Use 6 more test tubes (not the ones calibrated in step 1). Need 6 different temperature water baths (several groups can use the same water bath). Mark your test tubes with your initials. Use hot plates to heat water baths. Temperatures of water baths MUST be at least 6
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Unformatted text preview: ° C apart. The highest temperature CANNOT be higher than 60 ° C. Monitor temperature of water baths. Add ice as necessary to maintain temperature. Step 4 – Agitate test tubes in water baths for 5 minutes. Keep test tubes in water baths for 10 more minutes allowing solid to settle. Step 5 – QUICKLY, with a disposable Beral pipet transfer the clear liquid from the test tube in the water bath to one of the calibrated test tubes (step 1). Add clear liquid to the 5 ml mark on the test tube. RECORD the temperature of the water bath. Part C Titrate samples with HCl per lab manual instructions. Part D Do data analysis...
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