2.18 LARCH 060

2.18 LARCH 060 - LARCH 060 Thursday February 18th 1999...

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Unformatted text preview: LARCH 060 Thursday February 18th, 1999 Announcements: none Lecture notes: FRENCH CHATEAUX (Baroque 17-18C.): Land/Environment: • Controlled and flat land • Humans seen as conquerors over nature, went beyond the bounds of humanism Socio-cultural milieu: • Philosophy, Intellectual inquiry • Went beyond humanism • Aristocracy as a system with much power Design Expression: • Monumental scale, axial views • Water was an important aspect, courtyards • Goosefoot intersection: design which created an angle of action where individuals could experience it all • Parterre, allee, bosque • French chateaux were new versions of villas and they imported Italian designers and ideas • The garden was the glory of the age, becoming an artform • Pascal and DesCarte were discovering aspects of math and philosopht • Examples included the Vaux le Vicomte and Versaille which were designed by Andre le Notre • The Vaux le Vicomte consised of a strong axis, water as a cross-axis, allees, much geometry. Was intended for show, gave transitional allees, much geometry....
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2.18 LARCH 060 - LARCH 060 Thursday February 18th 1999...

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