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ReMix Assignment For this assignment you will be asked to remix a cultural object to achieve social commentary. Please refer to my iHack poster for an example. This assignment may seem to lend itself toward plagiarism, so please allow me to differentiate. Your project must constitute an intellectually original work, however you must also respond to and with someone else's work. Your contribution should be both clear and substantial. When you turn in the assignment, you must also make available a link to the original work you are remixing. Your ReMix project will be turned in as a page on your website. This means you do not have to upload any new link to the discussion board, since it should be accessible from the old link.
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Unformatted text preview: You will be graded according to the following criteria: • Originality (is this just an imitation of someone else's message?) • Effort (does it look thrown together, or did you spend time on this?) • Clarity (a social message must be made clearly) • Brevity (do you have enough but not too much information so as to streamline your message?) • Sincerity (overall quality of the work. Would your potential audience find you sincere?) Each of these will be worth two points, adding up to a total ten points (percent) of your grade. You may use any software you like (whether or not we cover it in class) or even do it entirely by hand. If you choose to do it by hand, make an electronic version available on your site....
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