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Clicker Questions 9-26 - a A-U and G-C b A-T and G-C c A-G...

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Clicker Questions M 9/22 1. The side chain of glutamic acid is ____, while the side chain of valine is ____. a. Polar & charged; b. Polar & charged; nonpolar c. Polar & uncharged; d. Polar & uncharged; nonpolar 2. What are the four nitrogenous bases found in RNA? a. A, U, G, C b. A, T G, C c. A, T, G, U d. A, T, U, C e. U, T, G, C 3. What are the complementary base pairs that form in DNA?
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Unformatted text preview: a. A-U and G-C b. A-T and G-C c. A-G and T-C d. A-C and T-G Clicker Questions F 9/26 1. My biology lecture time is a. 11-12 b. 12-1 c. 1-2 d. 2-3 e. 3-4 2. A fat is a cell a. true b. false 3. This weekend I am … 4. Which of the following types of bonds are formed at a ribosome? a. glycosidic linkage b. peptide bond c. ester linkage d. phosphodiester linkage...
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