Clicker Questions 10-3 - 4. Which of following makes RER...

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Clicker Questions M 9/29 1. Where else do we find DNA in an animal cell? a. Chloroplast b. Mitochondria c. Endoplasmic reticulum d. ribosomes 2. Which of the following would you expect to leave the nucleus through nuclear pores? a. DNA b. mRNA c. Nucleolus d. newly synthesized proteins Clicker Questions W 10/1 1. Which of these organelles are absent in plant cells? a. mitochondria b. lysosomes c. peroxisomes d. all of the above e. none of the above 2. Which statement correctly characterizes ribosomes? a. Bound ribosomes are enclosed in their own membrane. b. Bound and free ribosomes are structurally different c. The most common location of for bound ribosomes is the cytoplasmic surface of the plasma membrane. d. Bound ribosomes can become free ribosomes and vice versa. e. All of the above are true 3. A protein synthesized on a bound ribosome may be directed to a. Peroxisomes b. Lysosomes c. Mitochondria d. All of the above
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Which of following makes RER and SER different? a. RER membrane has more proteins b. SER membrane has more phospholipids c. RER membrane has ribosomes d. SER membrane has cholesterol 5. A cell with a great deal of rough endoplasmic reticulum would most likely be heavily involved in_______. a. Active transport b. Cell division c. Lipid synthesis d. Drug detoxification e. Protein synthesis Clicker Questions F 10/3 1. Brefeldin A is a drug that disrupts transport from the ER to the Golgi apparatus. What other organelles and membranes might be affected? a. Lysosomes, vacuoles, plasma membrane b. Lysosomes, peroxisomes, plasma membrane c. Vacuoles, mitochondria, plasma membrane d. All intracellular organelles and membranes will be affected 2. Which of the following would be active in muscle contractions? A. intermediate filaments B. microtubules C. microfilaments...
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Clicker Questions 10-3 - 4. Which of following makes RER...

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