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Concepts CH. 1 Study Guide

Concepts CH. 1 Study Guide - 1 Cardio-respiratory Fitness 2...

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Ch.1-Wellness Wellness = healthy living (6 components of total fitness): -Physical health -Spiritual -Intellectual -Emotional -Social -Environmental General Health Benefits of Exercise: 3. Exercise increases bone mass (makes them denser) 4. Maintenance of work capacity (keeps you able to work) 5. Increases longevity *It doesn’t guarantee good health; ppl who exercise still develop disease Factors that Contribute to Disease: Fitness Components:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Cardio-respiratory Fitness 2. Muscular strength (amt. of force you can generate ONCE) 3. Muscular endurance (repetitions) (pushups, situps etc) 4. Flexibility- ability to move joints through full range of motion 5. Body composition (ratio of body fat: lean muscle) Wellness Concept -State of healthy living keeping each area of health intacked Key Points in Goal setting: a. establish achievable goals b. set them in writing c. short term & long term d. make them measurable e. set target dates for achievement f. after achievement, set another goal g. reward yourself after achievement (not food)...
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