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Clicker Questions M 11/24 1. What is an operon? a. A region of DNA involved in regulation of transcription b. A cluster of genes that are expressed as a single unit c. A DNA-binding domain d. A regulator protein that enhances transcription 2. In E. coli , tryptophan switches off the trp operon by a. Inactivating the repressor protein b. Inactivating the gene for the first enzyme in the pathway by feedback inhibition c. Binding to the repressor and increasing the latter’s affinity for the operator d. Binding to the operator e. Binding to the promoter 3. What effect will the presence of lactose have on the
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Unformatted text preview: lac operon? a. The repressor will bind to the operator site of the operon. b. Lactose will bind to the operator site of the operon. c. The lac operon will be transcribed. d. It will have no effect. Clicker Questions W 12/3 1. In the first level of DNA packing, DNA is wrapped around proteins called a. Polymerases b. Ribosomes c. Histones d. Nucleosomes e. Linkers 2. A eukaryotic gene typically has all of the following associated with it except a. A promoter b. An operator c. Introns d. Exons e. Control elements...
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