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Lab 2 Report Introduction Since the days of Linnaeus scientists have been trying to apply uniform and agreeable classification to a plethora of subjects in the world, most significantly to humans. With the discovery and insight that present DNA research has brought it has become clear that any attempt at classifying humans into rigid ‘types’, such as race, is extremely difficult at best and without merit at worst. In the 19 th and even in the 20 th century many attempted to divide humans into specific racial types. One such system was devised by Anders Reitzer who used what was called the ‘cephalic index’, taking a skull and dividing its length by its width. This cephalic index had three racial categories dolichocephalic (long, narrow head), mesocephalic (intermediate head shape), and brachycephalic (round head). Not surprisingly, Reitzer believed that those featuring a dolichocephalic value were both of “superior mental worth” and were also of Nordic origin like him. Later on, in the late
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