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Maggie Morris Dr. Cummings FYS 125 October 17, 2007 Journal on Rights of the Conscience Inalienable 1. Who is the author? The author of this work is John Leland. Leland was born in Grafton, Massachusetts on May 14, 1754. The Baptist church baptized him in June of 1774 in Bellingham, Massachusetts. Leland was invited to take the Mammoth Cheese, a giant cheese that the people of Massachusetts sent to President Thomas Jefferson. After presenting President Jefferson with the giant cheese on January 1, 1802, he was invited to preach to the Congress and the President. Leland died on January 14, 1841, six days after he preached his last sermon in Cheshire, Massachusetts. Many of Leland’s hymns have been preserved in the Sacred Harp. 2. What are the main themes of this work? In this work, Leland discusses the separation of church and state. He is very passionate about this separation saying that if there is no separation, there can be corruption in the church that is fueled by the government. In
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