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mercer heresy trials

mercer heresy trials - Maggie Morris Dr Cummings FYS 101...

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Maggie Morris Dr. Cummings FYS 101 December 6, 2007 Journal on Mercer Heresy Trials 1. Who is the author of this work? Because this work consists of excerpts from the heresy trials of Dr. John D. Freeman, Professor Josiah Grudup and James Wallace there is no direct author. In lieu of giving a history of the author, I will give a brief history of Mercer University. Mercer was founded in 1833 in Penfield, Georgia and was named for Jesse Mercer who was a prominent Baptist leader and who also gave the founding endowment. Mercer is a private, coeducational, faith-based university that has a Baptist heritage. Mercer has an enrollment of approximately 2,500 students in eleven colleges and schools. Mercer was at one time affiliated with the Georgia Baptist Convention but as of the 2005-2006 school year is no longer affiliates. However the school of theology is affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. 2. What are the main themes?
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