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Kimmel worksheet - Reading Worksheet Kimmel Chapter 3 Due...

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Reading Worksheet – Kimmel, Chapter 3 – Due Jan. 22 (You may simply type in your answers under each question. As much as possible use your own words to explain the concepts. If you must use Kimmel’s phrasing, be sure to use quotation marks and put the page number in parentheses. Give concise answers filled with specific information.) 1. What are the three different groups Margaret Mead explored in Sex and Temperament in Three Primitive Societies ? How does each one of these organize gender differences? a. Mead studied the Arapesh tribe of New Guinea and found that they had a relatively equal culture. She described them as have a “quiet and uneventful co-operation” (Kimmel 56). Despite the fact that the Arapesh tribe was equal as far as the duties of men and women, she said that their relationships lacked passion and romance. Mead also studied the Mundugamor tribe and found them to be headhunting, aggressive, cannibals. Men and women in this culture were seen as equal and expected to be equally violent. She also observed that women were not very “motherly” in terms of raising their young. The last tribe that Mead studied was the Tchambuli tribe, were women were the dominant sex. Med found that it was the women who were the bread winners and the
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Kimmel worksheet - Reading Worksheet Kimmel Chapter 3 Due...

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