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Reading worksheet - Reading worksheet Gender and Religion for March 13 Please type the answers in complete sentences explaining ideas in your own

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Reading worksheet, Gender and Religion, for March 13 Please type the answers in complete sentences, explaining ideas in your own words rather than copying sections from the book. 1. What is Karen Brown’s main argument in Reading 96? Do not merely quote her thesis statement but explain what she means. The main point of Brown’s article is that fundamentalism is not becoming popular because men have a need to feel like they are in control of women. She means by this that men need to feel empowered and they do so by controlling women and fundamentalism is a religious excuse for them to do so. 2. What is sati ? You may need to look this up online. Brown mentions it but does not explain it. Sati is an ancient Hindu practice where recently widowed women would sacrifice themselves by fire at their husband’s funeral. 3. How is “Thought Woman” more than either a fertility goddess or a consort to a male deity? They worship “Thought Woman” as though she is living inside them and kind of
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