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Soc. 302 Midterm Review Exam 10/16/2001 What is the Sociological Imagination and who’s responsible for coining that term? What was the Lost Generation about? What makes a good topic? How do the Search Indexes (Soc. Abstracts, Ebscohost, Social Science Citation Abstracts, PschINFO, etc. ) differ? What’s a refereed journal? What’s the difference between deductive and inductive reasoning? What are some general characteristics of typical topics researchers study? What is the goal of science? What are good characteristics of journal article titles? How long are most abstracts? What are good characteristics of journal article abstracts? What is the general structure of an introduction? What is included? Where?
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Unformatted text preview: How do you know a research article from a theoretical-based article? What are some good characteristics of journal article literature reviews? What are some different types of Literature Reviews? What is a primary source of information? If youre planning on writing a literature review, what are your goals and what can you expect? What is a landmark study? What are some methods of reading a journal article? What is meant by statistical significance? What are the different methods of social science research? What are the components of the SEARCH method? What are the differences between obtrusive and nonobtrusive? What are the components of the Wheel of Science?...
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