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2.2 LARCH 060 - LARCH 060 Tuesday February 2nd 1999...

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LARCH 060 Tuesday, February 2nd, 1999 Announcements: class was cancelled on Thursday, January 28th Lecture notes: ISLAMIC INFUENCE: ~The West was inhabited by the Moors~ ~The East was inhabited by the Moguls/Mughals~ ~Then the Persians came along and settled~ Land/Environment: desert to mountainous this environment was very challenging to the peeple Socio-cultural milieu: Irrigation: Water was channelled for miles, qanat- usually was in a gridlike formation Hunting parks had special intimately closed spaces for praying. These were referred to as paradise gardens, places of bliss, all split into 4 parts This quadrilateral design was referred to as the chahar bagh . Water made up the axis and the middle usually consisted of a water tank or pavillion
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Allah (the god) Mohammed to spread his word - written in Koran/Quran - offered tribes beliefs and prayers. This effort expanded the Islamic Empire. Governments and religious bodies were the same.
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