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110tst1review - Material and Nonmaterial Culture •...

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SOC 110 Test #1 October 4 th 44 Multiple-choice 3 Short answer Very General Outline of Topics Covered What is Sociology? The Sociological Imagination Theoretical Perspectives Structural Functionalism Conflict Symbolic Interactism Research Methods The Wheel of Science Criteria for Causation (no spuriousness) Data Collection Methods Social Construction of Reality
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Unformatted text preview: Material and Nonmaterial Culture • Ethnocentrism • Primary and Secondary Groups • Norms, Values, Beliefs, Mores, Folkways and Sanctios • Reality Construction: Externalization, Objectivation, and Internalization Readings: Chapters 1-4 "The Mundanity of Excellence "Credit Cards" "Stalking Strangers…" "Fashions in Childbirth…"...
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