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Study Guide for Exam 2 – MKTG 101 – Spring, 2008 Make sure that you know the following (maybe you should go through the book and your notes and write some of the answers onto this sheet, it couldn’t hurt ) 1. Define the word “market.” 2. Be able to describe the characteristics of markets and market segments 3. Explain the importance of market segmentation. 4. What are the criteria for successful market segmentation? 5. Describe the bases commonly used to segment consumer markets. What is a segmentation base? a. Geographic – what is it? b. Demographics – what are they? c. Psychographics – what are they? d. Benefit segmentation – what is it? e. Usage segmentation – what is it? 6. What are the six steps involved in segmenting markets? 7. Be able to identify and discuss alternative strategies for selecting target markets. a. Describe undifferentiated targeting b. What is concentrated targeting? c. What is multisegment targeting? 8. What is positioning and how and why do firms implement positioning strategies? 9. Understand a) product differentiation, b) perceptual mapping, c) positioning bases and d)repositioning. 10. What are DSS’s and what are their characteristics.
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course MKTG 101 taught by Professor Bridges during the Spring '08 term at CSU Sacramento.

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StudyGuideforExam2_MKTG101_Spring2008 - Study Guide for...

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