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Study Guide for Exam 1 – MKTG 101 – Spring 2008 Make sure that you know the following (maybe you should go through the book and your notes and write some of the answers onto this sheet, it couldn’t hurt ) You will probably notice that this guide closely tracks the Learning Objectives in your book. 1. The definition and of marketing and what marketing uses to provide customers and other stakeholders with goods, services, ideas, value and benefits that they desire. 2. The concept of exchange 3. The five necessary conditions for exchange 4. The different marketing management philosophies – and understand all four (4) orientations 5. The definition of the marketing concept 6. The concept of customer value 7. The concept of customer satisfaction 8. The concept of relationship marketing 9. How do you define the firm’s business?
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10. What is the marketing process? 11. The reasons we study marketing 12. The concept of strategic planning 13. Developing a plan – a marketing plan 14. The reasons and elements of a marketing plan – draw a chart for yourself
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StudyGuideforExam1_MKTG101_Spring2008 - Study Guide for...

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