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History 105 – First Take-Home Exam Answer the following question in essay format. While there is no required length for your essay, you should respond fully to each part of the question using examples from lecture, discussion, and the readings. (50 points) 1. What is meant by “the long term coming of the American Revolution?” In what ways and why did the British North American colonies develop between 1680 and 1763 to make them different from England? What was the relationship between the long term coming of the Revolution and the Revolution itself? Choose two of the following questions to answer in an, approximately, one-page response. You should respond to each question as completely as possible using examples from lecture, discussion, and the readings.
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Unformatted text preview: (25 points each) A. During the short-term coming of the Revolution, one of the contentions between the colonies was the presence of large number of British troops in the colonies. Explain some of the many problems the patriots had with these troops, citing specific examples. How did these soldiers affect and concern different groups of people in the colonies? B. Using specific examples to explain the similarities and differences, compare and contrast British, French, and Spanish relationships with the Native Americans. C. How did Spain become a modern nation during the second half of the 1400s? How did these developments influence their exploitation and colonization of the Americas?...
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