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The Primes Childhood friends Eddie Kendricks, Paul Williams, Kel Osbourne, and Wiley Waller formed a doo-wop group called the Cavaliers in their hometown of Birmingham, Alabama, in 1955. [5] Reduced to a trio after Waller left the group in 1957, Kendricks, Williams, and Osbourne left Birmingham in order to break into the music business. The Distants Otis Williams had moved from his native Texarkana, Texas to Detroit as a young boy, to live with his mother. [7] By 1958, he was the leader of Otis Williams and the Siberians, a doo-wop group that included Williams, his friend Elbridge "Al" Bryant, James "Pee- Wee" Crawford, Vernard Plain, and Arthur Walton. [ The Distants were acquainted with the Primes, as both groups made the same rounds to local record hops, talent shows, and concerts. The two groups were friendly rivals. During this period, the Primes disbanded when Kel Osbourne moved to California, and Eddie Kendricks and Paul Williams returned to Alabama for a spell. While in Detroit
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