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paper 1 - Ryan Beebe World of Ideas T,TR 2:15-3:30 Tux A...

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Ryan Beebe World of Ideas T,TR 2:15-3:30 Tux A wind blowing the clouds around in the pattern of a tornado, as the wind dies down, a strange creature emerges into this new world. These creatures are funny little people, with a distinct white underside and a black backside with a black bird-like head and a stout beak. As this unknown creature emerges upon the land, he uses a conch shell to make a loud noise. From the water, more of these creatures begin to surface as the waves crash along the land of Tux. They gather around a great mountain overlooking a vast area of water that is clear enough to see the sandy bottom. As they all look at the striking setting, the sun begins to hide behind the water and a bright glow reflects them. A leader emerges, the great King Patagonicus, as he raises his short stubby arm in the air, all becomes quiet. Patagonicus begins to speak. "People, this land has been shaped and claimed for us and by us, we will call it Tux." A loud cheer grew from the crowd. Once again Patagonicus raised his hand and all grew quiet. "Tuxians, we have to live together on this glorious space. The most beautiful landscape we could have created. There will be laws we must abide by for all of us to live in harmony and survive together. What we must do is create laws and structure so all of us Tuxians can live in peace and glory." The Tuxians began creating their society with no limits. Cities were built from things they had found on the land that they resided on. Wood and mud were the main source for the homes being made. As far as Patagonicus was concerned, he felt that being the leader he deserved a great palace. Forsteri, the King's second hand man, agreed to this and brought this to the people of Tux. The people of Tux gathered at the large amphitheatre set aside for these types of events. As the group began to seat themselves, Forsteri came out to speak as Patagonicus sat on his giant golden throne right behind Forsteri. Sitting beside Patagonicus was his beautiful wife Schlegeli on her silver and much smaller throne. As Forsteri began to speak, the crowd became quiet. "Great people of Tux, welcome. We are here on official business brought to my attention by King Patagonicus. He would like to have a grand palace made for him and his wife to reside in during his reign as King of Tux." A roar went up throughout the crowd. Some people in praise of the King were in a great roar, while some felt all should be equal and thought negatively of this plan. Forsteri began to speak again, "Quiet please
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everyone. We will be doing this the fairest way we feel is possible to
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