Paper 3 - Ryan Beebe World of Ideas Gulfwater Rebuilding...

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Ryan Beebe World of Ideas Gulfwater Rebuilding Our Present Situation: As we walk down the main street of Gulfwater it feels such as we are in a nightmare just waiting to be woken. This hurricane has devastated our lovely city, we can no longer smell the blooming floors, or hear the bees buzzing around our heads. It is as we have traveled to a distant world that has nothing, but now we have nothing. Buildings destroyed, not one building is still standing the way we use to remember it back when the city streets buzzed with people walking around and talking and enjoying everyday life, that for so long was just perfect. Now we encounter this storm and it has devastated all of us, killed many of our friends and family. Streets are flooded; some parts so deep that we must either swim or take boats to access different areas of our town. As hard as this is, we must do this. Collecting dead bodies, in hopes to find some living, but while doing this we find loved ones and it breaks our hearts. But we must keep going, help revive this once lovely city. As we continue our paddling around the city streets, we just encounter more and more devastation and destruction. All of our banks and farms are in total disarray, to the point of not function any longer. As we paddle by the local bank or what use to be a bank we just see money and computers which had held all of our financial information just destroyed and floating around. All of are hard earn dollars down the drain by a vicious storm. As we look around at the school we find that where the school use to stand is now just what looks like a lake, with books floating around, chairs and desks. The one high part of the township is the part where the local grocery store sits, in hopes of finding flat ground not controlled by water, we paddle our way up the streets to see what we can find. When we got there, it was not as destroyed as we thought, we found ourselves some ground where we could walk on and not be 3 feet of standing
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Paper 3 - Ryan Beebe World of Ideas Gulfwater Rebuilding...

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