vpa interim assignment #2 - Interim Assignment#2 Andrew...

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Interim Assignment #2 Andrew Gladue VPA 308 Due: October 15 th , 2007
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Interim Assignment #2 Andrew Gladue Interview: Me: Thank you for taking the time to talk with me about the Vietnam War. Gerald: No problem, glad I could help. Me: I appreciate that. Now, if you can remember for me, what was life like during the Vietnam War? Gerald: Well as you know, your Mother was a young child and we were expecting Ann (my Aunt). I began my new job at General Electric and we were getting ready for the new baby. It was hard to believe how America was reacting to the war. Me: What was hard to believe? Gerald: I was very disappointed to see how the troops were being treated. The soldiers were being shunned by society for a war that many didn’t believe in, but they kept doing their job across seas regardless. The draft was going on and people were being selected to fight no matter what their political views were. It was saddening to see our soldiers being looked down upon because many Americans didn’t agree with the war. Me: Yes, that is a shame. Why do you think people didn’t agree with the war? Gerald: Simply because this was a war that didn’t directly affect the U.S. When our soldiers started dieing everyone questioned our government. Me: We learned in class that during those times the American media started to shape the perception of Vietnam Vets as being off balanced and ticking time bombs. We also had a Vietnam Vet come in and talk to us and he said that he was told to not put on his job applications as being a Vietnam Vet because that would actually hurt you from being hired from all the misperceptions Americans had. Did you notice anything like that? Gerald: Oh yeah. It took a long time for Americans to digest what happened. No one could understand how so many Americans could die over a losing war. You know, it’s argued that it was the first war we lost. It was horrible how the soldiers were treated.
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vpa interim assignment #2 - Interim Assignment#2 Andrew...

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