07F CHEM 14CL Exam1practicequestions-key

07F CHEM 14CL Exam1practicequestions-key - Fall2007...

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Chemistry 14CL Exam 1 Study Questions - Key Fall 2007 Note: Distillation, which was discussed in Lecture 5 and studied in lab periods on November 1, 2 will not be tested on the midterm. It will be included on the final exam. Students with surnames beginning with A through Pawner will take the exam in CS50; students with surnames beginning with Peck through Z will take the exam in CS76. You will be allowed to use your lab notebook, hand-written materials, lecture notes, and a calculator on the midterm. Review: In reviewing the experiments (8, 6, and 7) you should think about why you used each reagent or carried out a specific procedure and what the consequences on your results would be if you had not used that reagent or carried out that procedure correctly. In studying the theory of the techniques, review the readings in Mohrig and the texts as well as the lecture notes. Understanding, not memorization, is the key. Review the worksheets already distributed in class and posted on-line: Acid-Base Review Amino Acid Workshop Infrared Spectroscopy Workshop Additional Study questions: 1. An organic lab book gives the following solubility data for oxalic acid (HOOC-COOH; IUPAC: ethanedioic acid; MW = 90g) 9.5 g/100mL of water 23.7 g/100 mL of ethanol 16.9 g/100 mL of ether (a) A 14CL student has 45 g of oxalic acid in 1000 mL of water and wishes to extract it into an organic solvent for further experiments. Which solvent should the student use for the extraction? Explain your choice.
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07F CHEM 14CL Exam1practicequestions-key - Fall2007...

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