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POL 1 - Writting Assignment 3

POL 1 - Writting Assignment 3 - Andrew Gladue POL 1 Section...

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Andrew Gladue POL 1: Section 1768 Instructor: Katie Desmond Unit 3: Week 3, Writing Assignment 3 1. Religion, gender, race, geographical location, and age all play a role in public opinion and political participation. Today religion is greatly seen throughout politics. Such issues include gay marriage and pro-life. Religion challenges the views of public opinion causing a divide in what the government should act on. Gender has an interesting role too. Throughout our political history gender has been the focus of suffrage movements and equal rights. Today it’s less prevalent in politics. The biggest concerns of male vs. female views are towards topics of child support, abortion, and divorce. Though the issues are minor and usually irrelevant. Geographic location plays a huge role in political participation and opinion. Those that live in California are by far more liberal than those of any other state. Our culture in California has always been laid back and strong with freedom of expression. Other states like Florida are more conservative and have a
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