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POL 1 - Writting Assignment 1

POL 1 - Writting Assignment 1 - Andrew Gladue POL 1 Section...

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Andrew Gladue POL 1: Section 1768 Instructor: Katie Desmond Unit 1: Week 1, Writing Assignment 1 1. After taking the ideology quiz I wasn’t too surprised. I basically fell close to the middle. According the grid my average coordinates laid at (-1.88, -0.67). This to me reflects that my average views. I easily can take the conservative or liberal side on issues. When it comes to economics I feel that monopolies should be controlled. Though when it comes to controlling inflation versus unemployment, I feel it’s more important for there to be jobs for society, especially in reference to the Great Depression. If there’s a decline in income, no one will ever be able to stimulate the economy to lower inflation. However, when it comes to social issues such as individuals’ freedom and rights compared to government regulations, I feel that the government knows best for the general population. The information that did surprise me was the chart that showed I laid inbetween Pope Benedict XVI and Nelson Mandella. I guess this is logical with my mix of conservative and
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