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3.18 LARCH 060 - • Green areas to accomodate activity •...

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LARCH 060 Thursday March 18th, 1999 Announcements: none Lecture notes: FREDRICK LAW OLMSTEAD (1822-1903) and CENTRAL PARK with CALVERT VAUX: Illustrates: Master planning: future , long term committment Comprehensive (variety of activities), complex (all kinds of people/activities) Public capital Had to plan the funding Intention: Healthful recreation--theraputic, green places Social reform--afforded opportunities for the people Democratic/for all classes--diverse Open space rights Design Expression: English Landscape School style but more intentional (country aesthetic) "Country touched by man" Solids/voids--masses of vegetation and open areas for activity Innovative circulation--no traffic, very important for carriages, horses, people Had spontaneous as opposed to planned recreation
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Unformatted text preview: • Green areas to accomodate activity • Allee was prime geometric feature • Plan for Central Park: Started with area which was a dump, glaciated so it faced many challenges • Fredrick Law Olmstead wrote books on slavery which brought attention to him. He was appointed superintendent • Calvert Vaux: wanted to partner with Olmstead, they entered into the Central Park plan competition • The Dairy in Central Park provided milk for the children (designed by Vaux) • The design of Central Park affected the weekend activities of New York (less church attendance) • They were making more money on the park than they were spending on it (very successful), classes mingled. • Central Park is still considered the Jewel of Manhattan...
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