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POL 1 - Writting Assignment 8

POL 1 - Writting Assignment 8 - POL 1 Andrew Gladue Andrew...

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POL 1 Andrew Gladue Andrew Gladue POL 1: Section 1768 Instructor: Katie Desmond Unit 7: Week 8, Writing Assignment 8 #1: Historically speaking, the first states to hold their Presidential Primary would have the greatest influence over the Presidential nominees. In addition, Iowa and New Hampshire have always had the first primaries, thus strongly influencing the primaries to follow. Not to belittle, but Iowa and New Hampshire are incredibly small in physical, powerful, and economic size. If California were to break itself off from the United States, it would have the fifth strongest economy in the world. The question that has been asked through so many elections is: Why is the California primary not held until June, a time that is way too late to be a deciding factor for a presidential nominee. In 2006 Congress passed a bill putting California’s primary on February 5 th , 2008. However New Hampshire and Iowa are still seeking to have the first primaries. Nonetheless, 19 other states are having their primary on February 5 th as well. Many believe this is just bringing us closer to a National Primary, but that’s a separate topic.
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