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1310 Introduction to Christian Scriptures Goals By the end of the semester, we hope we have achieved the following two goals: 1. We want you to become an interested reader of the Christian Scriptures: Our goal here is that you will see the relevance of reading the Bible. For some of you, this goal may include coming to an awareness and critical appreciation of the ways the Bible has profoundly shaped world cultures, and especially Western civilization. For others who belong to contemporary Christian communities and for whom the Christian Scriptures are a source of religious authority, the goal may include enhancing your understanding of your own confessional commitments and developing a critical appreciation for the way the Bible has given shape to your own community of faith. In either case, our hope is that you will continue to read the Bible long after this semester is over. 2. We hope also that you will become an informed reader of the Christian Scriptures. Interested readers of Jewish and Christian religious writings have been around since long before the emergence of the Christian canon. But often those interested readers were not informed readers. Their enthusiasm was not matched by knowledge! Misreadings of the Bible abound in our popular culture—in the media, in the realm of politics, even in our churches! Our task is to introduce you to the academic study of the Bible and to equip
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Christian Scriptures.goals - 1310 Introduction to Christian...

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