The Acts of the Apostles.outline

The Acts of the Apostles.outline - 4. Barnabas, Peter, and...

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The Acts of the Apostles: An Overview Mikeal C. Parsons Baylor University for Learning in Retirement 2007 I. The People and Places of the Jerusalem Church Acts 1-12 A. The Sense of a Beginning, 1:1-7:60 1. The Beginning of the Church, 1:1-26 2. The Miracle and Meaning of Pentecost, 2:1-47 3. The Healing of a Lame Man, 3:1-4:31 4. The Company of Believers 4:32-5:42 5. Stephen and the Seven 6:1-7:60 B. Beyond Jerusalem: Philip, Saul, Peter, and Others 8:1-12:24 1. Philip: A Man on Mission, 8:1-40 2. Saul and Ananias: Conversion and Call, 9:1-31 3. Peter: His Words and Deeds, 9:32-11:18
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Barnabas, Peter, and Herod 11:19-12:25 II. The Missionary Activities of Paul Acts 13-28 A. Paul's Mission to the Gentile World, 13-19 1. Paul's Initial Missionary Campaign, 13:1-14:28 2. The Conference in Jerusalem and Its Results, 15:1-16:5 3. Paul in Macedonia, 16:6-17:15 4. Paul in Achaia, 17:16-18:17 5. Paul in Ephesus, 18:18-19:41 B. Paul's Farewell Journey, 20-28 1. Paul's Last Journey to Jerusalem, 20:1-21:16 2. Paul in Jerusalem, Acts 21:17-23:35 3. Paul before Felix, Festus, and Agrippa, 24:1-26:32 4. The Sea Voyage to Rome, 27:1-28:31...
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The Acts of the Apostles.outline - 4. Barnabas, Peter, and...

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