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Religion 1310.syllabus.fall07 - Religion 1310 The Christian...

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Religion 1310 The Christian Scriptures Syllabus Dr. Mikeal C. Parsons, Instructor Ms. Alicia Myers, Teaching Assistant Mr. Brian Small, Teaching Assistant 12:30-2:00 TTh Fall, 2007 Contact Information: Dr. Parsons, Tidwell 602; Phone: Ext. 4591; [email protected] Ms. Alicia Myers; [email protected] Mr. Brian Small; [email protected] Office hours by appointment I. Goals of the Course To assist you in becoming an interested and informed reader of the Christian Scriptures. For more on this, see the attached sheet on “Goals of the Course.” II. Texts Oxford Annotated Version of the Bible (with Apocrypha). Harris, Stephen L. Understanding the Bible . Seventh Edition. Boston: McGraw Hill, 2007. (“Harris”) Parsons, Mikeal C. Body and Character in Luke and Acts. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2006. III. Course Requirements We will engage in a variety of learning activities to achieve goals and objectives this semester. A. Quizzes You will regularly be quizzed over daily reading assignments from the Bible, Harris, and various handouts. Reading assignments in Harris are closely related to the lecture schedule and you should read each assignment by the day of the related lecture. The
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quizzes will cover the reading assignment for that day. The quizzes are open-book and will be administered through Blackboard. Quizzes must be completed one hour before class time; they will be removed from Blackboard at that time. Students are reminded that under the University Honor Code, each student must complete his or her own work. (5 points each; 100 points total) B . Interpretation You will be asked to explore the visual interpretation of a specific text (see Course Calendar). The assignment attempt to explore ways in which themes, topics, and texts may be viewed across the Old and New Testaments. This assignment has a value of fifty points. C
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Religion 1310.syllabus.fall07 - Religion 1310 The Christian...

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