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Exam #1 Review Terms, Persons, and Places in Harris Mikeal C. Parsons Christian Scriptures 1310 Harris 40-65 Gilgamesh Epic Code of Hammurabi Akhenaton Mesopotamia Marduk Ur Cuneiform Gilgamesh Ugarit Baal Moses Israel Judah Harris 70-75 Henotheism Monotheism El Divine Council Satan Harris, 86-108 J E P D Pentateuch Etiology Deuteronimistic History
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Unformatted text preview: Ham/Shem/Japeth Noachan Covenant Harris 108-116 Abraham Isaac Sarah Hagar Ishmael Rebekah Esau Jacob/Israel Leah Rachel Suzerainty covenant/treaty Potiphar Joseph Harris, 117-133 Jethro Apodictic law Anthropomorphism Passover Mosaic covenant Scapegoat...
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