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1.19 LARCH 060 - LARCH 060 Tuesday January 19th 1999...

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LARCH 060 Tuesday, January 19th, 1999 Announcements: none Lecture notes: Mesopotamia (3500C.-500BC.): The "Cradle of Civilization"~ Land/Environment: Tigris-Euphrates (fertile crescent) Deserts Mountains Socio-Cultural Milieu: Urbanized: much social organization Pantheistic City of Ur/Urek Design Expression: Walled city Ziggurat: temples, hanging gardens Ziggurats expressed that the gods were more important than the people Parks: private, only for the wealthy, hunting, walled Parks/Gardens were peoples escapes from reality Assyrians: dominated these parks in the 1300's, warlike people EGYPT(4000-500BC.) Land/Environment: Deserts Nile and Sun formed a 90 degree angle which was very important in
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society Agriculture Socio-Cultural Milieu: Earth centered Society-closed system Gods were human Believed in afterlife Design Expression: Tombs (Ziggurats, pyramids) such as Giza and Hatshepsut Tombs were built on the west bank of the Nile, where the sun set
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