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HUI 235 Assignment 2.

HUI 235 Assignment 2. - Helen Fong 105888729 Assignment 2 1...

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Helen Fong 105888729 Assignment 2 1. The symbolic meaning of the devils at the entrance of the city of Dis (Inferno 8-9). The City of Dis is described as “Hell’s metropolis”; it is the connection between Upper Hell and Lower Hell; the midpoint between the Fifth Circle and the Sixth circle (Ciardi 70). Upon their arrival, Virgil and Dante were once again confronted with monsters. These devils consist of the Three Furies: Megaera, Alecto and Tisiphone. The Three Furies symbolize a group of evil forces; they are also said to represent remorse. Megarea, Alecto and Tisiphone also possessed the ability to call for Medusa. The magnitude of Medusa’s evil power was tremendous enough to turn Dante to stone if he were to even glance at her. Even Virgil, who had been able to command monsters they previously encountered to allow for their passage, was rendered defenseless against Medusa. These evil forces led Virgil and Dante to the realization that Divine Aid will be the ultimate resolution then and in a few other future situations.
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