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stats quiz 2 - ECO 203 Lilly Spring 2008 Quiz 2(Chapters 3...

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ECO 203 Lilly, Spring 2008 You are allowed to use your notes and the text. You are also allowed to use EXCEL. I request that you do not discuss this quiz with any other person. I trust that you will be honorable. You need to return your answers to me by class-time Wednesday (the 5 th . (1) Which of the following statements is true? a. The mean of a population will always be larger than the population standard deviation. b. The mean of the population will generally be larger than the mean of the sample selected from that population. c. The population mean and a sample mean for a sample selected from that population will usually be different values. d. None of the above. (2) Consider the following sample data: 25 11 6 4 2 17 9 6 For these data the median is: a. 7.5. b. 3.5. c. 10. d. None of the above. (3) A sample of people who have attended a college football game at your university has a mean = 3.2 members in their family. The mode number of family members is 2 and the median number is 2.0. Based on this information: a. the population mean exceeds 3.2. b. the distribution is bell-shaped. c. the distribution is right-skewed. d. the distribution is left-skewed . (4) If a data set has 740 values that have been sorted from low to high, which value in the data set will be the 20 th percentile? a. The average of the 148 th and 149 th values b. The 20 th value c. The 148 th value d. None of the above. (5) If a data set has 1,133 sorted values, what value corresponds to the 3 rd quartile? a. The 250 th value b. The 840 th value c. The 760 th value
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d. None of the above. (6) The following data reflect the number of customers who return merchandise for a refund on Monday. Note these data reflect the population of all 10 Mondays for which data are available. Based on these data, what is the standard deviation?
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stats quiz 2 - ECO 203 Lilly Spring 2008 Quiz 2(Chapters 3...

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