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stats quiz - ECO 203 Lilly, Spring 2008 Quiz 1 (Chapters 1...

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ECO 203 Lilly, Spring 2008 You are allowed to use your text and notes. I request that you do not discuss this quiz with any other person. Answers are due by the beginning of class Wed., Feb. 20. (1) When a marketing manager surveys a few of the customers for the purpose of drawing a conclusion about the entire list of customers, she is applying: a. inferential statistics. b. descriptive statistics. c. quantitative models. d. None of the above. (2) When an administrator at a local hospital prepares a series of charts and graphs pertaining to the patients that have stayed at the hospital during the past month, she is using which general category and statistical analysis? a. Quantitative statistics b. Inferential statistics c. Descriptive statistics d. None of the above. (3) Which of the following data collection methods is most likely to generate the largest non-response? a. Mail surveys b. Direct observation c. Telephone surveys d. Personal interviews (4) In conducting a personal interview, what problem can result if the interviewer is allowed to arbitrarily decide who should be interviewed? a. Non-responses b. Missing data c. Bias d. None of the above. (5) Recently, a major tire manufacturer stated in their advertising that the average miles tires with a new tire tread design will last exceeds 50,000 miles. A consumer agency collected a subset of these tires and tested them in very controlled conditions. Based on this test, the agency concluded that the manufacturer was justified in making this claim. The process described is an example of: a. descriptive statistics. b. hypothesis testing. c. statistical inference. d. Both b and c are correct.
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(6) Which of the following is likely to be a reason for selecting a sample rather than taking a census? a.
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stats quiz - ECO 203 Lilly, Spring 2008 Quiz 1 (Chapters 1...

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