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ess 5 chapter 1 - • And northern hemisphere has mountains...

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Internet b ESS 5 April 3, 2008 Homework posted online Aerosol Sunlight and radiation Smaller smaller rain drops and vice versa Out gassing produce Volcano releases N2 H2o and CO2 Currently our atmosphere is made up of N2 H2O became the ocean, ice and some in the clouds Only 0.001% remains in the atmosphere Vertical structure of the atmosphere Composition Temp Electricity Homosphere 80k, high well mixed Ozone holes only happens in the southern hemisphere Due to that the southern hemisphere has more ocean
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Unformatted text preview: • And northern hemisphere has mountains to stop the wind, air must go vertical Stratosphere Solar energy is absorbed so it can’t reach the ozone max The higher you go the air mass is smaller so the temperature is lower Mesosphere the boring layer since nothing happens No ozone or oxygen Thermosphere Very warm due to the fact that the oxygen molecule absorbs solar rays Ionosphere based on electricity >60km Most of it is thermosphere Important for radio...
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