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CST8174 Lab 3 Objectives: To examine some of the symptoms generated by the computer when specific problems are introduced into the system To understand the basic capability and configuration of the different components in a computer system To understand the importance of identifying which component creates specific symptoms when it fails in a computer system. Equipment: Computer System Wrist Strap #2 Phillips Scrwdriver Non bootable floppy diskette Procedure: N.B.: Follow these procedures carefully. If at any time you are unsure or are having problems, consult your lab instructor to insure that you are not inadvertently damaging the equipment. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to have the lab instructor check your work before going on to another step. Read the lab instructions BEFORE going on to do the lab. Remember: You learn more by asking questions This lab will allow you to observe some of the problems that occur when you remove and/or disable some of the components in your computer. At every step of the process, it is VERY important to: Make certain you are grounded using a wrist strap before attempting ANY of the procedures outline below Ensure the system power is turned off Take notes of what you have done as you go along Take DETAILED notes of the resulting symptoms, error codes or any information which helps you to identify the particular problem you have generated After each step, take detailed notes on the final condition of system - i.e. Does the system boot? Do you have video? Do you have power? If it didn’t boot, how far did it get? Did you hear a memory count? Did you notice the LED’s on the keyboard flash? Did you hear the hdd or fdd spin up? Etc…
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Be sure to give the PC enough time to generate an error message. Sometimes it can take a couple of minutes. Make certain you have a container to put the small parts and screws AND a non-static surface – preferably uncluttered - to put the parts you will be removing from the PC along the way. You may remove the system cover and leave it off for the duration of the
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course CST CST8174 taught by Professor Matthewo'meara during the Winter '08 term at Algonquin College.

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CST8174_Lab_3 - CST8174 Lab 3 Objectives: To examine some...

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