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CST 8174 Lab# 8 Objectives To investigate the benchmarks and characteristics of your system Equipment: D-Link 10/100 NIC Ethernet Cable Toolkit & anti-static wrist strap Procedure : N.B. : Follow these procedures carefully. At all times; if you are unsure or are having problems consult your lab teacher to insure that you are not inadvertently damaging the equipment. Downloading a benchmarking utility The utility we will be using is a Freeware application called ‘Dr Hardware, 2008’. This is a benchmark application that is compatible for a wide variety of operating systems and platforms. First, we will install this application, and then, use it to collect a number of data points and answer a number of questions about our system. Searching for the utility Open the FIrefox web browser and use your favorite search engine to look for a program named ‘Dr Hardware 2008’. You should be presented with a variety of websites. You’ll need to choose one. Some of the sites you will be presented with will include . . http://www.dr-hardware.com Create a folder on your desktop to store the file Connect to one of the above sites; download the install file for Dr. Hardware and save it in the folder you’ve created on the desktop.
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When the download completes, open the folder on your desktop that you’ve created to store the install file for Dr Hardware Double-click on the file, and allow the program to install. When the installation has completed, you should see a message asking if you wish to restart your computer. If you see this message, restart the system Using the Utility Access Dr Hardware by selecting your ‘Start’ menu from the command bar, and then locating the folder created for ‘Dr Hardware 2005’. Select the program from
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CST8174_Lab_8 - CST 8174 Lab 8 Objectives To investigate...

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