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Cell Referencing Relative (A1), Mixed ($A1 or A$1), Absolute/Fixed ($A$1) Copy Command What happens to cell contents, especially formulas, when they are copied and pasted, or dragged, into another cell ? If the contents of cell D4 are =B$4*$C$4 and are copied into cell D5, what will the contents of D5 actually be? =B$4 * $C$4 Format Cells Command General, Number, Currency, Accounting, Special, Custom, Date (both explicit and implicit / automatic) PerCent (both explicit and implicit / automatic) Conditional formatting and other Conditional formatting allows you to change the both the color, face and style of the Font used to display contents in a cell based on an evaluation of those contents. If ($1125.00) is displayed in red in a cell and -1125 is in the formula bar for that cell, Either Currency or Custom formatting was applied Zip Code is an example of a Special format. Custom and Special formatting allow(s) you to change the font color used to display numeric contents based whether the number
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