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stalking - Stalking When I think of the word `stalking I...

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Stalking When I think of the word ‘stalking’ I think of someone, who is mentally unstable, following you without your consent everywhere you go. The official definition is criminally following or harassing a person over an extended period of time. Stalking also contains watching someone’s actions very closely, contacting their family, and unwanted communication. Majority of stalkers are male who most likely have a criminal history. These men usually stalk people that they have known in the past. Females can also be stalkers but it’s not as common. Today, we use the tern stalker a lot just trying to describe the way we think someone is acting not even thinking about the label we are putting on them. We should stay away from using term like this if they are not needed. Stalkers are good at what they do. They are manipulative making the victim feel sorry for them which ends up forcing the victim to keep in contact with them. Comments about suicide attempts are common when trying to get the victim
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