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Western Culture 102 Greenspan Midterm Study Guide I. Medieval Society a. Feudalism i. Lord, Duke, Baron ii. Lord/Vassal iii. Manor 1. Lord’s Domain 2. Self-sufficient 3. Church—social activities iv. manumission—serf freed by Lord b. Towns i. 10,000-20,000 (Florence, Venice, Paris) ii. Great Council-political status iii. Small Council-mayor, heavily involved iv. Offered protections, tax breaks, exemptions v. Order 1. Clergy- pray 2. Nobility- fight 3. Peasants- work (everyone else) vi. Black Death 1348-1349 1. carried by rats pandemic 1/3-1/2 population killed 2. fled, searched by new city 3. eroded feudalism by 1550 c. Education i. Clergy educated in monastery ii. Scriptorium 1. scribes copy manuscripts 2. long hours, candle light 3. paper from sheep skin iii. Priest—secular, Monks—cloistered iv. Cathedral Schools 1. Bishops’ church required school 2. boarding school 3. prep schools a. Winchester—Oxford, Eton—Princeton v. Curriculum—Universities 1. Trivium—grammar, rhetoric, logic (cathedral schools) 2. Quadrivium—arithmetic, astronomy, music, geometry d. The Church i. Pope claimed secular rule ii. Papal “plentitude of power” (forgery) 1. Pope Gregory VII
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a. Single life for priest, removal of corruption b. Weaken of lay rights c. Holy Roman Emperor challenged Pope’s authority; Pope won iii. Babylon captivity 1305-78 1. church seen as unsaved 2. money went to palaces 3. Pope moved to Avignon a. Decay in Rome 4. Gregory XI returned to Rome 5. Urban VI first Italian Pope in long time 6. Avignon elected new pope 7. council in 1409 disposed of all 3 popes II. Renaissance a. Looks towards future, while remembering the past b. Dates disputed by around 1375 and spread in 1500 c. Started in Italy i. City states 1. sponsoring artist 2. libraries 3. population, civil pride ii. Black Death 1. 50 million dead
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Midterm study - Western Culture 102 Greenspan Midterm Study...

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