Hate Crime Legislation - Question Should hate crime...

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Question: Should hate crime legislation be passed that gives a more severe penalty to people who commit a crime against someone on the basis of their race or ethnicity? _____________________________________________________________________________________ The most important concept in defining identity to a topic is to understand how it relates to all people in society. How does hate crime have an effect on everyone? Posing a rhetorical question such as this is imperative. In order to secure an answer, one must know the definition of hate. Hate is the extreme dislike of something or someone, oftentimes without cause (2006). For many generations hate crimes have brought forth the images of segregation and wrongful acts against African-Americans in the South based on race; however, hate crimes have a much deeper meaning. With all possibilities encompassing hate crimes, violence may be thrown against an individual due to race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or disability (2004). The term hate crime established its hallmark with the Jim Crow Laws of the South during the early twentieth century, but the actual act of a hate crime is
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Hate Crime Legislation - Question Should hate crime...

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