Charles Manson Best Source Paper

Charles Manson Best Source Paper - My Best Source: Dirk...

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My Best Source: Dirk Gibson’s Serial Murders and Media Circuses The best source I found in relation to my topic is Dirk Gibson’s book, Serial Murder and Media Circuses . Although the book does not single handedly talk about the Manson Family, there is an extensive section devoted to the Family and how the media reacted when covering the case. This is not the most complete and comprehensive book about the murders; however, this is the best source to depict the murders through the lens of the media. I felt this aspect of the case was significant because the murders are still discussed in the media today, despite the fact that they occurred nearly forty years ago. This uprising of media coverage that Manson receives is something that is almost as mysterious as the murders themselves. Charles Manson and his family should not receive excessive amounts of media coverage decades after the committed murders because their ultimate motive was to receive special attention. The way in which the media responded to the public about the Manson murders is oftentimes considered to be the most concerning aspect of the case. “There were numerous types and instances of media misconduct and negative behavior” (Gibson). The media’s reaction was frequently unprofessional and belligerent. To this day, issues surrounding the unnecessary media
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Charles Manson Best Source Paper - My Best Source: Dirk...

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